Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In her time, Margaret Brundage had no equal. Her provocative painted covers for WEIRD TALES magazine have endured as examples of fantasy and horror masterpieces.

Now, VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS, who have already brought us exquisite collections of artwork by J. Allen St. John, Roy Krenkel, and Frank Frazetta, are about to release a first-ever retrospective collection of Miss Brundage's work.

Three editions will be available: an affordable softcover edition, a hardcover edition, and a deluxe, slipcover edition that includes an extra 16 pages of material.

I don't even have to see one page of this book to give it my highest recommendation. These guys know how to put on an art show.

An iconic WEIRD TALES cover image painted
by Margaret Brundage.


"Starting in 1932, Margaret Brundage forever changed the look of Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror with her alluring sensationalisti covers for the legendary pulp magazine, Weird Tales. Brundage, whose contemporaries include Virgil Finlay and Hannes Bok, is unique as she was the first female cover artist of the pulp era. Decades before the gothic fetish craze, Brundage's lush, provocative paintings, which frequently featured smoldering, semi-nude young women bearing whips, became a focus of acute attention and controversy. At the very peak of the notorious pulp's classic run, the magazine's appeal was due as much to Brundage's covers as to the stories inside by famous authors H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch and Conan creator, Robert E. Howard. The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage is the first book devoted to this noted artist.

Authors and compilers Stephen D. Korshak and J. David Spurlock follow their seminal collaboration, The Paintings of J. Allen St. John: Grand Master of Fantasy, with The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage which, also features essays by noted artist Rowena Morrill, Weird Tales historian Robert Weinberg, First Fandom member / founding Shasta publisher Melvin Korshak, and more.

All editions feature big, 9" x 12" lavish illustrated, full-color pages with text."

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