Friday, July 20, 2012


Robert Bloch wrote for his friend's magazine -- ROGUE -- for a year and a half. Published by William L. Hamling, ROGUE was a men's magazine that was only one of the multitude on the newsstands in the 1960s that attempted to compete with the heads above more sophisticated gentleman's magazine, PLAYBOY.

Efforts to capture the slick vibe of PLAYBOY like the one-page He Who Reads Rogue for What Kind of Man Reads Playboy?, fiction, articles on cars and lifestyles, cartoons, and of course, the pictorials, all fell short. The fiction fell flat, and although the women generally weren't, they just didn't have the fresh "girl next door" allure, and seemed more from the other side of the street. Of all things, it was the cartoons that came closest, but obviously that wasn't enough to make much of an equal comparison.

In this installment from ROGUE (July 1963) of Basic Bloch, Mr. B sounds off at the looming 1963-1964 television season. He is in his usual humorous mood.

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