Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Shunned at the box office, the Disney flop, JOHN CARTER, has gained new -- and well-deserved -- life in the DVD market. Multiple packaging, up to and including a 3D offering has made this flick a better seller the second time around.

Surrounded by the usual bevy of mixed-race beauties, Danny Trejo will be up to his usual mayhem in the Mexploitation sequel, MACHETE KILLS. Run-ins with bad guy Mel Gibson, as well as good girls Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, and a new babe from Columbia, Sofia Vergara will no doubt end up being loads of fun to watch. Mr. Trejo's profoundest comment? "I get to kiss all of them!" I'm positively green . . .

Yay! Another "ghost story for grown ups"! Proving it's okay to hold a camera shot for longer than 5 seconds and allowing viewers to leave their Dramamine in the medicine cabinet for once, receiving critical high-water marks is THE INNKEEPERS. Pegged as slow to build, it sounds like another film in the same neighborhood as Hammer's recent THE WOMAN IN BLACK.

Rounding out this reel is a short review of the panned ABE LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER, and an appreciation of the ALIENS prequel, PROMETHEUS.


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