Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Soon to be unleashed upon the villagers is the VFX Frankenstein Monster bust from FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT. The life-size bust, which comes with special sound and visual effects, is the creation of Texan Douglas Hildebrandt.

The bust includes glowing eyes, a Jacob's Ladder mad lab sound effect, and a clip from the original movie with Dr. Henry Frankenstein exclaiming: "It's Alive! Alive!"

Mr. Hildebrandt contacted MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD and provided an exclusive, updated photo of the project (shown above) that has modified eyes that are different than the photo shown here in a previous post.

He also had this to add:: "I ... sent you a photo of a life-size Karloff Frankenstein monster I designed standing next to [my] 12,500 volt jacobs ladder. The head on the life-size figure is the same as the Factory Entertainment piece. The jacobs ladder has that classic sizzle and crackle sound to it and with that many volts of electricity running through it, it can kill man or monster at any moment."

Here is a LINK to a video clip showing the product in action.

The VFX Frankenstein is a unique addition to the world of monster memorabilia. Ask for it at your favorite monster retailer or wherever Sideshow Collectibles are sold.

Thanks again to Douglas Hildebrandt for providing this exclusive update and good luck with your creation!

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