Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Guten Morgen, meine Freunde!

Close on the heels of the recent reissue of the 1954 Vargo Statten-penned novelization of the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON from Dreamhaven Books, comes a lavishly-illustrated retrospective of the director of the film. Written by Peter Osteried, DIE FILME VON JACK ARNOLD: KÖNIG DES PHANTASTISCHEN FILMS (The Films of Jack Arnold: The King of Fantastic Films), has been published and released in Germany by MPW Book. A "Sachbuch" (non-fiction book), it covers Jack Arnold's ouevre and is immediately noticable as a result of its generous and striking visual content.

I only wish now that I had kept up with my German! I acquired a working knowledge of the language years ago, and, after years of disuse, have unfortunately retained only the basics.

Author Osteried has provided MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD with samples and I have to say that the design is perfect for the subject matter. To those visitors to this blog who read German, the book comes with two covers and may be purchased by clicking HERE.

In order to see just how beautiful a book this is, following are a few pages from the section of the Universal Pictures' 1958 science-gone-wild film, MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS.

And, if all this hasn't fired up your ancient Devonian blood yet, then start looking for an exclusive interview with Peter Osteried, author of THE FILMS OF JACK ARNOLD, coming soon right here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!

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Luke H said...

Wow that looks gorgeous! Looking forward to the author interview. I really hope there's a chance for an english translation -- even if it's an ebook version only. Looks really nice!


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