Friday, February 3, 2012


Legend has it that this little French film magazine was the inspiration behind Warren's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. Furthermore, some go so far as to assert that CINEMA 57 is to be considered the very first monster film magazine. Others argue that since CINEMA 57 was an annual publication, it was merely a magazine -- and at over 150 pages some even qualilfy it as a book -- that spotlights monster movies in one of its issues. And, while Warren and Ackerman may have copied the idea of featuring film monsters in a magazine, this Monsterologist tends to agree with the latter statement, that FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND was the first monster magazine -- and certainly more accurately, the first periodical featuring monster films as its exclusive content.

The resulting controversy, as well as the effect of passing years, has made CINEMA 57 a desirable catch for horror film historians and monster magazine fans alike. A recent listing on eBay shows an advertised "very good" copy with the Buy It Now price of $489.

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Anonymous said...

What about James Warren's After Hours #4, which preceded FM #1, and truly was its inspiration?


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