Friday, October 7, 2011


There certainly doesn't seem to be any shortage of monster movies and horror films these days. Re-released, re-packaged, and re-mastered, many of the monster movies that we know and love are being transferred to DVD, and in numerous cases, Blu-ray. For example, Blu-ray versions of the long-awaited ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, Chaney Sr.'s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, the classic Japanese ghost/vamire story, KURONEKO, and even DESTROY ALL MONSTERS are headed our way this month.

The movie theaters also show no slowing down from offering us fright fans a hearty fare of monster flicks and creepy thrillers (although I could use a little leass of the remake versions, thank you). Even foreign markets are getting into the act with interesting, regional concepts like TROLL HUNTER.

This feature, MOVIE NOOSE REEL (used in honor of Beck's Great Beast, CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN magazine) will showcase news clips from monster and film mags and other media that reviews and promotes the stuff we love to watch.

[ Clips from TOTAL FILM magazine Oct/Nov issues]

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