Monday, October 24, 2011


If you've been waiting in rapt anticipation for the reprint edition of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON novel to finally appear, then you'll want to read this. Since the publication date had passed, I inquired to DREAMHAVEN BOOKS, the publisher of the rare (and expensive) Vargo Statten movie novelization. I heard back from a nice fellow by the name of Greg, who explained:

"Well, it all depends on Universal. Now they're giving us problems over the photo section we included. Even though it's clearly stated in the contracts (which they drafted) they don't like it. So it's been pushed back a bit further, hopefully in November."

Thanks, Greg, for the update. MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD will keep readers posted.


The Gill-Man said...

Bummer. I was REALLY looking forward to this. Hopefully, it will still see the light of day soon!

Bob Garcia said...

The Book is now out from DreamHaven in all 3 states: Trade Paperback ($20.00), Hardcover ($50.00) and Signed/Leatherbound ($125.00) Signed by Julie Adams and Ricou Browning! Huzzah.

John said...

Thanks, Bob! This is great news!


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