Tuesday, October 18, 2011


MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD received a note from "Monster Man Dan" requesting to announce that he has got just the right "things" to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first Aurora monster model kit. If you feel so inclined, take a look at his CAFE PRESS shop for his tribute art for this most auspicious of occasions. I love the sprue logo! Following is, in his own words, Dan's unabashed promo for his labor of love:

"Severed heads-up to every monster model figure kit builder and classic monster lover! Right now, in the midst of this 2011 Halloween season filled with all the ghoulish fun and festivities, I desire to draw your attention to a landmark 50th Anniversary that we monster fans need to recognize and pay homage to. . . the King of All Monster Model Kits -- Aurora Plastic's flagship horror kit that started THE MONSTER MODEL CRAZE OF THE 60's -- FRANKENSTEIN!

Building that kit in 1961 further ignited my enthusiasm for classic monsters with the creation of Aurora Models, reading FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, collecting Castle Films 8mm Monster Digests and tuning in to my favorite weekend TV Horror Host. Entering the graphic-arts field along the way, I only felt it fitting that I should attempt to create some kind of 50th Anniversary tribute design. And now I am proud to offer .... FRANKEN-MODEL 50!

So guys, before you order another styrene or resin kit, mix another gray tone for your diorama tombstone piece, or dip your brush into a cup of blood-red paint, please to swing over the FRANKEN-MODEL 50 MERCHANDISE STORE and get a T-Shirt or Brew Mug to show your excitement and support during this Half-Century-Celebration!!"

P.S. Anyone know the actual date that the kit was sold? Monsterologists --including myself --would like to know!

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BlacknickSculpture said...

Wow 50 years ago? I remember building that kit as a kid. I had to beg my Dad to get it for me. He thought the $1.99 price was high.


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