Sunday, August 14, 2011


There's a fellow in the Great State of Texas who seems to be channeling the spirit of 60's pop culture icon, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Now, Big Daddy Roth, in case you didn't know was the custom car maker that is largely responsible for popularizing another icon, the cartoon personage of one named "Rat Fink". The Rat Fink was seen all over the place for a while, and could easily be called the "Killroy Was Here" emblem of the 1960's generation.

Well, this fellow who patterns his pitch in the guise of his version of Big Daddy Roth runs a model kt company called TexFX. Newest in his line of retro-styled resin models is a kit designed by Pete Von Sholly -- you know -- the guy who draws funny monsters and other cool pitchurs for a living.

Riding the wave of reminiscence where once swelled the great Aurora kits such as Dracula's Dragster, Mummy's Chariot, Frankenstein's Flivver, and King Kong's Thronester (?), Von Sholly and Tex Greene have created their own version of Wacky Weird-Oh . . . Tabanga on a Surfboard!

 Check out the eBay page HERE for this and more TexFX creations!

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