Tuesday, January 25, 2011


No. 88
Editor: Michael Key
Publication Date: January/February 2011
Publisher: Michael Key
Color cover/ B&W interior
64 pages including covers
Cover price: $6.99
Subscriptions: One year, 6 issues, $24.95 U.S.

Nothing majorly monstrous to mention in this issue’s MAKE-UP ARTIST, but still very informative for anyone interested in the profession. A few tidbits of terror are offered to nosh on, though. There’s a short piece on the “Monsters in the Movies” night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences last October to honor the work of Shane (TERMINATOR, JURASSIC PARK) Mahan. Another short piece covers a Dick Smith Tribute in Los Angeles where THE EXORCIST was screened as a part of the fun.

There is a feature article on the vampire series BEING HUMAN called “Bringing ‘Human’ to Life”. For monster fans, the highlight of the issue can be found towards the back, in the “Retro Review” column, where a new version of Fredric March’s DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, released by Turner Classic Movies is discussed. It is accompanied by several nice photos.

After the Halloween monster fest shown in the magazine, MAKE-UP ARTIST magazine nevertheless includes enough monster material, even during the “off season” to make it worthwhile for us monster ‘zine freaks.

On a closing note, you may remember that MAKE-UP ARTIST magazine is running a "most popular cover" poll on their website. Well, it now looks like the Greg Nicotero UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY Creature make-up cover is barely leading after being behind for quite a while. Let's hit it out of the ballpark by taking a quick trip over there and voting for the Creature cover. Go here to vote.

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Kyle Shold said...

I'm glad you like our magazine. We try to keep a good balance of beauty and beast.

Kyle Shold
Art Director


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