Wednesday, January 26, 2011


No. 300
Editor: Chris Alexander
Publication Date: February 2011
Publisher: The Brooklyn Company, Inc.
Color covers/Full color interior
92 ppg. (including covers)
Cover price: $8.99

A monster-ously momentous occasion by all accounts, folks. FANGO has reached yet another milestone. Any magazine making it to it’s 3rd Centenary should be recognized as something special in the publishing field.

This special issue kicks off with Editor Chris Alexander, Executive Art Director William R. Mohalley (on the masthead as Art Director during the early years of FAMOUS MONSTERS), and Editor Emeritus, Anthony Timpone, who was FANGO’s editor from issue #63 until just recently ending his stint with issue #292. Besides ads and a full color pull out poster, the rest of the issue is taken up with “The Ultimate Horror Movie Guide”, which provides capsule summaries of “the morbid motion pictures that defined a subgenre, changed film history, inspired generations of fans and filmmakers or, more often than not, simply provided 90-plus minutes of visceral, well-crafted escapism.” Among the contributing writers for the Guide are such luminaries as Robert Englund, George A. Romero, Eli Roth, Gene Simmons, Lamberto Bava, Cherie Currie and Debbie Rochon. After reading through most of the entries I’d honestly be hard-pressed to disagree with any of the choices.

I bought the first issue of FANGORIA off the stands. It was during a time that I wasn’t real interested in monster ‘zines. Always my gold standard, the original run of Forry’s FAMOUS MONSTERS had dwindled from a scream to a whimper. FANGO introduced me to the new era of modern monsters while keeping one foot rooted in the legacy of the classic films before them. For that I am very grateful, as it rekindled my joy of the genre.

Happy Birthday, FANGORIA, The Magazine of Monsters, Aliens and Bizarre Creatures. I hope to be here to say something for issue 400!

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