Friday, January 21, 2011


A Completist's Collector's Catalogue and Index for Warren Publishing
Compiled and edited by David Horne
Text and layout design by David Horne
Published by Phrona Press, Concord, California
First edition limited to 300 copies
688 pages
$34.95 US + shipping

That's right, people. You read it right. David Horne's massive Warren compendium arrived on the MYSTERIOUS MANSION's doorstep today (leaving a crack in the concrete, I might add). It came USPS Media Mail and was very well wrapped in bubble pack inside a sturdy box.

Officially titled, GATHERING HORROR, "A Completist Collector's Guide and Index to Warren Publishing", the 688-page reference work indeed, weighs in at a chunky 4 pounds according to my digital scale.

Now, I haven't scrutinized the thing yet, but I can tell you it is a perfect complement to David Roach's and Jon Cook's THE WARREN COMPANION, of whom yours truly was a contributor, I might add! At over double the page count, it is exponentially more in depth with its catalogue and indexing.

Here's a rundown of the partial contents:

> An index of all Warren U.S. editions
> Warren merchandise
> An index of Warren-related publications
> Almost 100 pages of Appendices, including
     Editor index
     Writer index
     Artist index
     Cover artist index
     Titles index
     Series index
     Warren awards
      Tons more!

I am blown away by the sheer immensity and depth of material shown in David Horne's monumental effort. I can tell you right now that GATHERING HORROR is indispensible to anyone researching Warren Publications and related material. This remarkable reference  work MUST be on every serious Monsterologist's bookshelf. Somebody'll have to go a long way to beat this out as monster book of the year . . . and it's only January!

But, wait! That's not all! David has agreed to an interview with MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. Believe me, I'll be thrilled to shoot some questions at him about the making of his book . . . like, did he ever get any sleep while doing this?

Now, enough chatter. Click on the eBay link below for your copy. So far, it's the only place that I know of to purchase it. Remember, there's only 300 of these babies printed so don't wait too long. And, if ya ask real nice like, the amiable Mr. Horne will inscribe your copy for you, just like he did my edition 112 of 300. Thanks also to Monsterologist Extraordinaire Mike Scott at MONSTER MAGAZINES BLOGSPOT for giving the heads up for this amazing work.


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