Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Time for some more fun? Okay, break out a coat hanger and some string. Then, cut out the images you see on your computer screen (after you've printed the page out on paper, wise guy!). Punch holes at the top of each picture, then tie a piece of string from the coat hanger thru the hole you made in your pictures. Distribute your tied-up lines evenly along the coat hanger, hang the hanger on a hook in your clubhouse roof or other "high place" and, voila! You've gotchurself not only a nifty retro 60s-era monster magazine monster mobile, but a GIANT monster mobile! Courtesy of CRACKED'S FOR MONSTERS ONLY magazine (Major Magazines, Inc. 1968). Illos by Vic Martin.

1 comment:

Mike Scott said...

It seems like FMO did more of this kind of stuff than the other mags, but then they had the artists on staff to do it.


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