Sunday, May 28, 2023


You don't see much from Universal's controversial 1936 vampire film, Dracula's Daughter other than posters, stills and lobby cards. Among the many items up for bid in Bonham's "Hollywood Then and Now" June catalog is this unusual bit of ephemera.

Laboratory Set Design Concept Sketch for Dracula's Daughter.
Universal, 1936. Original concept sketch accomplished in graphite pencil and ink wash on 23 x 12.25 in. illustration board. Depicting an atmospheric laboratory scene, which can be matched to the resulting set and scenes in the film. Many of the movie's other sets were redressed from the production of Dracula (1931). Handwritten to bottom border "Interior Laboratory 'Dracula's Daughter' Lambert Hillyer Director". Unsigned. Exhibiting expected age, production wear, handling and minor soiling. With soft corners and minor loss to lower right corner.
23 x 12.25 in.

DRACULA'S DAUGHTER Lobby Cards from 1949 Realart re-issue:

DRACULA'S DAUGHTER pressbook pages:


  1. I'm a real fan of Dracula's only real sequel. Seeing this modern lab is a nice departure from the musty relics often featured in Universal's flickers. Gloria Holden is terrifying in the role, at least as scary as Lugosi in my opinion. She's much more tragic and she feels the pain of her condition, yet continues to play it out. The homoeroticism of the movie is also compelling and presages much of what plays out with male vampires in years to come.

  2. Among the other Universal horror films of this period, I think it's somewhat underrated. Miss Holden is superb in her role and the movie drips in creepy atmosphere. There is much more to this film than the scene between Holden and Nan Gray!


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