Wednesday, February 1, 2023


The Asian exploitation and horror market is alive and thriving. While there were signs of interest with Kung Fu films and in pirated, dubbed, and imports during the VHS days, it wasn't until RINGU (U.S. THE RING, 1998) that Asian horror really caught on in the States. After that, movie catalogs were filled to the brim with everything that Asia had to offer in horror, science-fiction, gangster and a myriad other genres.

It wasn't long until enough material was available for a magazine dedicated to Asian Cult Cinema, more affectionately known as "Trash Cinema." One of the first to appear on newsstands was ASIAN TRASH CINEMA, the cousin to the earlier EUROPEAN TRASH CINEMA. It was a mind-boggling collection of every weirdness that Asia had to offer, from Japan to China to Korea.

This is the first issue, published in 1992 and it's cover-to-cover an "A-Z" list of Asian Trash Cinema. If you've ever wanted to dive into it, this is a good place to start.

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