Thursday, February 2, 2023


First published in 1952 and lasting for 372 issues, CONTINENTAL FILM REVIEW was considered an adult magazine because of its abundant coverage of films for mature audiences accompanied by plentiful photos of nudity. However, CFR also covered mainstream international films, as well as an ample amount of horror, science-fiction and fantasy films.

To keep up with the changing times, with issue #Issue 334 (Vo. 27, #10, August 1980) CFR changed its name to CONTINENTAL FILM & VIDEO REVIEW. The issue shown here today is #337 (Vol. 28, #1, November 1980). Included are articles on THE SHINING, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (Sybil Danning), DRESSED TO KILL (Michael Caine and Angie Dickinson), and a feature on then-recent horror films.

Instead of extracting the above-mentioned articles, I decided just to post the entire issue, including coverage of the controversial Brook Shield's movie, THE BLUE LAGOON.

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