Saturday, March 6, 2021


The short life of NIGHT CRY was intended as a companion to THE TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE which had been enjoying increasing success on the newsstands, mainly due to its nostalgic remembrances of the classic TV show as well as containing top rate fiction. It was first introduced as a "TZ Special" to float the idea, and it caught on, albeit less enthusiastically by readers over the long term. Edited by T.E.D. Klein, it unfortunately lasted for only 11 quarterly issues.

This first publication was jammed with both established and emerging authors culled from the pages of previous issues of TZ Magazine. With names like Charles L. Grant, Dan Simmons, Ramsey Campbell, and TZ alumni George Clayton Johnson and Richard Matheson, NC promised a cornucopia to satisfy the hunger of most any fan of horror, fantasy and science-fiction. It even included a vintage reprint by William Hope Hodgson, "The Voice in the Night", which was later loosely adapted into the atmospheric 1963 Japanese film MATANGO (U.S. title: ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE). The bizarre cover image is by Rosie Mackiewicz with interior illustrations by D.W. Miller.

Over the next few days, the entire 1984 TZ NIGHT CRY SPECIAL will be posted here. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I did again after all these years.

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