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The late Frank Frazetta's work has been a perennial favorite for fans and collectors alike. His original art has demanded record earnings in the auction world, and the group shown here today is no exception. Bidding is open for these magnificent pieces on Friday, October 30 at Heritage Auctions. Descriptions are by the dealer.

Frank Frazetta Creepy #4 Cover Painting Original Art (Warren, 1965). Frank Frazetta's art has been pulling a lot of interest in recent years, and he was always a popular artist to start with! But here is something to really howl about! Creepy was not even a year old when this was published, and it came at one of Frazetta's artistic high-points. The combination of Frank Frazetta's covers and Warren Publishing's interest in revitalizing the Horror genre worked well together.

You can see the amount of fine detail work that Frazetta poured into this piece, which is indicative of pieces the artist was very passionate about. It is a classic composition, and the earthy brown and green tones in the foreground and that big orange moon in the sky make this a perfect Fall-themed piece. In fact, there are almost no primary colors on this dark and moody work at all.

Created in mixed media on illustration board with a matted image area of 14.25" x 19". There is a minor ding on the right edge, and minor edge/corner wear. Matted to 21.25" x 26". In Excellent condition.

Frank Frazetta Swords of Mars Paperback Illustration John Carter and Dejah Thoris Original Art (Ballantine, 1974). The Earthman who becomes the warlord of Mars, and the Princess who holds his heart. This is a lovely piece by Frazetta and from a very strong period for him as well. It was published in 1974 on Page 29 of the eighth book in the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It has been reprinted in many Frazetta compilation volumes. Rendered in ink and ink wash over graphite. Signed and dated in the lower right of the 13" x 9.75" image area. Matted to 19" x 15.75". In Excellent condition.

Frank Frazetta - Van Helsing Character Study Animated Movie Concept Original Art (Orsatti Productions, 1975). Frank Frazetta painted this portrait piece for an animated Dracula feature that never happened. The work is a real eye-catcher, with the fine details on the face, and the somber tones overall. The provenance for this piece is that it was originally consigned with Heritage in 2006 by one of the producers, and has been viewed and signed by Mr. Frazetta himself. Rendered in mixed media on paper with a matted image area of 16" x 20". Signed in the image area. Matted to 8" x 11.5". In Excellent condition.

Frank Frazetta - Nude Woman Illustration Original Art (1993). Frank Frazetta shows why he is known as one of the best fantasy illustrators! A delicate, yet detailed rendering of a woman standing in a pond shows his mastery of the female form. Frazetta originals are in great demand, and this piece would be a standout in anyone's collection. Rendered in graphite with an image size of 13" x 12", matted and glass-front framed at 26.5" x 20.5". Light smudging and the frame has slight damage and wear. Signed and dated by Frazetta in the lower left image area. Overall, in Excellent condition.

Frank Frazetta - Female Warrior Fighting Monster Illustration Original Art (1993). Frank Frazetta's expert craftsmanship is on full display in this drawing of a simian creature attacking a curvaceous battle-ready warrior. World-famous for his fantasy art, Frazetta originals are hard to come by and in even greater demand. Rendered in graphite with an image size of 12.5" x 11", matted and glass-front framed at 25" x 20.5". Light smudging and staining and the frame has slight damage and wear. Signed by Frazetta in the lower left image area. Overall, in Very Good condition.

Frank Frazetta - Tarzan Illustration St Original Art (undated). The intensity and attitude Frazetta's dynamic comes alive at any size. This tiny Tarzan battles to survive another day in the dangerous jungle. Created in ink over graphite on art paper with an image area of 6" x 4". The paper is toned due to age, has some small chips along the edges and is signed in lower right. In Very Good condition.

Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer by Randy Bowen Limited Edition Bronze Cast Sculpture #11/50 (Dark Horse, 1994). Sculpted by master craftsman Randy Bowen in collaboration with Frank Frazetta himself, this limited edition bronze casting of the Death Dealer is a highly sought-after collectible. Incredibly detailed down to his spurs and chains, the Death Dealer stands an awe-inspiring 12" high, and is mounted on a striking black marble base. This sculpture was individually finished by hand and was limited to a production run of 50 numbered pieces. This particular casting was numbered #11/50, and is in Excellent condition. This lot features only the sculpture itself; there is no box or other material included.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Signed Limited Edition Print #270/345 (Paradox Productions, c. 1980s). The Death Dealer is one of Frank Frazetta's most famous images. It has been used as a Molly Hatchet album cover, graced the cover of American Artist, and inspired a comic book series. Numbered 270/345, the image was printed using twelve-color, continuous-tone inks on archival-quality, acid-free, cotton rag, with a special Opalesque finish. This print is silk-textured and signed by Frank Frazetta and numbered just below the 16" x 23.5" image area. Elegantly matted and Plexiglas-front framed at 26.5" x 35.25". Some wear to the frame. Overall, in Excellent condition.

Frank Frazetta Signed Prints Group of 3 (c. 1970s). A triplet of prints from the master, Frank Frazetta including a stunning black and white print of the rejected Famous Funnies Buck Rogers cover that Frazetta modified for EC's Weird Science-Fantasy #29, a limited edition #5/100 Nude Woman print, and lush print of Glamour Gals and Ape Men. Image sizes range from 20.75" X 4.5", 8.75" x 10.75", and 10" x 13" matted to 16" x 20". Prints are signed and in Excellent condition.

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