Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Getting closer to their 200th issue, the folks at Ghoulish Publishing just keep cranking out quality monster goodness. At the moment, THE DARK SIDE is my favorite monster 'zine, unseating FANGORIA when it ceased publishing.

This issue of The Dark Side is a ripping read, literally, since it concentrates on screen depictions of the grisly exploits of Jack the Ripper, beginning with the silent era and moving right through to such movies as Time After Time. We also celebrate the 40 year anniversary of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, look at the art of Les Edwards and Tobe Hooper’s magnificent misfire of a space vampire epic, Lifeforce. All that and so much more await you in issue 193 of Britain’s best-selling and longest running horror mag!

- Gene Corman (Roger's brother)
- Son of Mini Darkfest
- Post Mortem
- No More Room in Hell
- Ripping Yarns: The Whitechapel Slasher
- DVD Library
- Trials of Toxie
- Space Vampires
- The Art of Horror
... and more!

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