Friday, July 20, 2018


Charles Band's Full Moon Features has been entertaining audiences for 30 years with its unique brand of horror and humor. Series like Puppet Master, Trancers and Subspecies are lasting examples.

A few years ago, Band entered magazine publishing with his own monster mag, DELIRIUM. Issue #17 is just out. Here's the dope on Gingerweed Man and other features:

For our 17th sickening issue, we dial back the clock to the dawn of the 1980s, the resurgence of the 3D horror movie and the birth of Charles Band's bizarre 3D dystopian monster movie PARASITE! Our coverage features words with composer Richard Band, stars Luca Bercovici and Cherie Currie and memoirs from Charles Band. We also pile on looks at other 3D classics as well as esoteric features like Bercovici's own THE GRANNY, a look back at PROM NIGHT III, CIRCUS OF HORROR, artists Eric Adrian Lee and Jason Newsted and so much more. And we even have an EXCLUSIVE preview of our new Full Moon Comix title DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE, with an amazing new 2 page adventure that pits Dollman against the perpetually high Gingerweed Man.

All this and more mania await you inside the pages of DELIRIUM #17! 

Get your copy of DELIRIUM from Full Moon Direct right HERE.

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