Monday, July 23, 2018


Vol. 1 No. 1
August 1975
Charlton Publications
Editor: George Wildman
Cover: Joe Staton
Pages: 36
Cover price: 25 cents

"Countess Von Bludd"
Script: Nicola Cuti
Art: Joe Staton

"The Vampire's Bride'
Script: Joe Gill
Art: Sanho Kim

"The Wedding Gift"
Script: Joe Gill
Art: Demetrio Sánchez Gómez
Lettering: Ray Burzon

Charlton launched yet another title in their long line of horror comics with this series in the summer of 1975. Included, of course, is a host (in this case, hostess), who introduces stories, and occasionally appears in them.

The issue stars off with a two-page intro, with a couple of curious kids discovering the lair of hostess Countess Von Bludd. She awakens from her coffin, not to suck their blood, but instead, has them gather 'round so that she can read them "scary tales". "The Vampire's Bride" is a typical story of a vampire terrorizing inhabitants of a castle. "The Wedding Gift" is the story of how Countess Von Bludd herself became a vampire. Fun reading!

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Dr. Theda said...

A favorite in my collection...!!! (love the intro)


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