Thursday, August 24, 2017


Here is a set of architectural drawings that were used in designing the sets for Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO. These characterize the detail that was given to the look of the film and show the care that Hitchcock gave in realizing his vision for this unique and influential film.

The set of drawings sold at auction for $6,875.00.

A Large Collection of Architectural Drawings from the Set of "Psycho." Paramount, 1960. Approximately 30, all rendered in pencil on onionskin, all folded numerous times, all highly detailed professional architectural drawings of the various sets from the film, each specifically labeled such as "Ext. Bates Motel, Norman's Room, Bates Home, Ext. Gasoline Station, Hardware Store, Int. Courthouse, Sheriff Chamber's House, Int. Hotel Doorway, Ext. Swamp" and "Ext. Chicken Coop" among others, all noting various dates from 1959 to 1960 when the film was in pre-production, all with copious notes, exact measurements, and other specifications about every last detail; amazing to see the exhaustive amount of work that went into creating each set of this most classic of all horror/suspense films by the master, Alfred Hitchcock; "Psycho" was rightfully nominated for a 'Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White' Oscar, though unbelievably, it lost out to "The Apartment." All Approximately: 30" x 42" (though some are smaller or larger)

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