Tuesday, August 29, 2017


CLASSIC MONSTER OF THE MOVIES has just sent out notice that their 8th issue is now available for ORDERING ONLINE. If you are a fan of vintage monster movies and like monster magazines, you owe it to yourself to try a copy of this very high quality print 'zine.

  • Frankenstein – the 1931 Universal classic has been discussed countless times, and its contribution to horror culture is immeasurable, and has informed the conception of the Monster in the popular consciousness. We explore the powerful impact of the film on early 1930s audiences and its relevance today, as well as Boris Karloff’s timeless performance.
  • Anatomy of a Monster – when Mary Shelley devised the story of Frankenstein, she gave generations of filmmakers, artists and writers one of the most compelling characters of all time. This special feature to back up our cover story examines the various incarnations of her immortal creature.
  • Vampires in Film – new contributor Bruce G Hallenbeck takes a definitive look at vampire cinema from the silents right up to the 1940s, and examines the evolution of the bloodsucking fiends that seduce us time and time again.
  • Barbara Shelley – Hammer Glamour was never more dignified than in the hands of this cool, calm and collected heroine. Our in-depth biography delves deep into her extraordinary career and legacy.
  • The Abominable Dr Phibes – it’s kitsch, it’s camp and outrageous in its Art Deco extravagance. Pushing the boundaries of humour and horror in equal measure, Vincent Price’s luscious performance of absurd revenge comes under the microscope.
  • Ed Wood – Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic has long been revered by both critics and fans alike. Telling the story of one of Hollywood’s most lovably notorious filmmakers, it features top-notch performances from an all-star cast. Here, we look at what makes this retelling of history so irresistible.

And so much more too!

Issue #8 of Classic Monsters of the Movies is packed to bursting with the kinds of articles, stills and artwork that will awaken nostalgia in any monster kid. With the passion of the classic horror movie magazines of yore, but with the sophisticated production values, design and journalism we’ve become renowned for, CMotM is fast becoming the world’s favourite horror film mag.

Daniel Horne’s beautifully moody portrait of Karloff as the Frankenstein Monster is the perfect wrapping for such a diverse collection of ghoulish goodies.

Magazine specification:

68 pages
Full colour throughout
Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
Printed and finished to the highest standard

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