Sunday, August 27, 2017


"All we can do now is hope he comes in peace!"

So say the rattled scientists in the first story of the first issue of Atlas Comics' (later to become Marvel) AMAZING ADVENTURES (June 1961), when the giant monster, Torr, arrives on Earth from outer space.

Yesterday, you saw examples of the "remastered" look of Marvel's earlier comic titles that featured giant monsters, alien beings and other unknown terrors. Today, I show you an example of the original look of the comic books to compare the two. I'll let you decide which you prefer.

This issue is edited by Stan Lee, with stories written by Lee's younger brother, Larry Lieber. The cover is drawn by Jack Kirby with inks by Dick Ayers. Interior artwork is by Kirby (pencils) and Steve Ditko (inks).

Of note is the last story, "I Am the Fantastic Dr. Dromm!", a supernatural adventure that is a fairly close precursor to the origin story of a soon-to-become "Marvel Universe" character, Dr. Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.

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