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Vol. 3 No. 2 (whole number 10)
Fall 1994
Publisher: Frederick S. Clarke
Editor: Bill George
Pages: 62

It is a curious juxtaposition that many of the women who appeared in this magazine were consciously attempting to shed their salacious past and avoid starring in exploitative films, while at the same time consenting to photo shoots that only reinforced why they were popular in the first place. One example is Traci Lords, who is famous for appearing in nude layouts in men's magazines when she was still a minor. She was largely unsuccessful in entering the "legitimate" world of Hollywood movies by securing roles in such duds as the remake of NOT OF THIS EARTH and SHOCK 'EM DEAD. However, she was best at playing the roles that she was trying to escape, such as the guest spot on the TV show, WISEGUY, when she played a sympathetic hooker.

On the other side, however, Julie Strain doesn't seem to care about hiding who she is and where she came from. Bursting forth from the pages of Penthouse, she has successfully transitioned into her roles in horror and erotic adventure films, proving that women can be strong and independent and still show a little leg without being ashamed about it. Miss Strain is highlighted in this issue of FEMME FATALES.

Included is a feature on Asian actresses who star in fantasy and action films. Among those covered (or uncovered, as it were) are Angela Mao, Chingmy Yao, Amy Yip and Jade Leung. Also of note is the departure from the magazine of Associate Editor, Debbie Rochon.

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