Saturday, October 1, 2016


Vol. 1 No. 1
August 1971
Skywald Publishing Corp.
Publishers: Sol Brodsky and Israel Waldman
Editor: Sol Brodsky
Script Editor: Gary Friedrich
Artists: Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, John Celardo, Dick Ayers, Rich Buckler?, Syd Shores?
Cover: Harry Rosenbaum
Pages: 64

No waxers or rice burners here, 'bro. This is the land of Harley's, big and beefy -- choppers, hogs, fatheads and panheads, all burning up rubber, grabbing a handful and flogging it on The Big Slab. Riders, clad in leather, perch on their ape hangers and rip it up, mindless of cherry tops or anything else, tough guys who find trouble whether they want it or not.

This is the scene, Daddy, of Skywald's two-shot biker adventure mag, HELL-RIDER. Dig it, this is Brick Reese's story. He's a Vietnam vet, lawyer and black belt all rolled into one. The monsters in Brick Reese's world of the human kind -- dope dealers, rapists and murderers. He's after some badass mothers who are doing harm to folks, but they haven't seen badass until they've met the hog rider from Hell!



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