Monday, October 10, 2016


In the 1970s, Marvel Comics exploded with a new line of re-imagined monster characters in titles like, MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN, TOMB OF DRACULA and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. They were fresh, inspired and, in this blogger's opinion, brilliant. I wouldn't miss an issue for years.

Included in the line of monster titles was, THE MAN-THING, a resurrection of a "muck-man" influenced by past swamp monsters in the comics like "The Heap". The series also produced one of the all-time, unintentional hilarious titles, GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING (!).

Featured here is a "vibrant" example of mixed-media original art by the talented Val Mayerik depicting the legendary Man-Thing.

Description of auction lot:
Val Mayerik Man-Thing Illustration Original Art (Marvel Comics, c. 1970s). Val Mayerik, the definitive illustrator of Steve Gerber's Man-Thing series, extends a menacing claw in this vibrant mixed-media painting. Watercolor, pastels, felt color markers, and white dry-brush highlights on Bristol board. Image area, 10.75" x 14.75". Excellent condition.  


The Gill-Man said...

Man-Thing was a favorite of mine as a kid (as were any of the titles that featured monsters)

John said...

It was a good time for horror comics and Marvel had plenty of them. There was a liquor store near where I lived that had two spinner racks stuffed with the latest issues. They fortunately stocked all the Marvel monster titles.


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