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Vol. 5 No. 1 (Whole #17)

October 1971
Gothic Castle Publishing Company
Created, Edited and Published by Calvin T. Beck
Editing and Layout Designs: Bhob Stewart

Associate Editor: Philip B. Moshcovitz
Editorial Assistant: Buddy Weiss
Publisher Emeritus: Charles F. Kane
Layout Assistant: Ken Barrish
Business Manager: Helen Beck
Cover: Frank Brunner
Pages: 68

In the issue-to-issue free for all that was CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN'S contents page, Ken Barrish replaces Frank Brunner as Layout assistant, Buddy Weiss is added as Associate Editor, and the magazine's Publisher Emeritus, Charles F. Kane (Beck's editorial alter ego) is nowhere to be seen. Other notable contributors listed are Joe Dante, Jr., Chris Steinbrunner, Lin Carter, William K. Everson, Don Glut, and Vic Ghidalia. Interesting names added to the credits include: Marmoset, Li'l Doc & The Group, Fonnzso Fungolucci, Fred von Bernewitz and Magilla Oshirarwa.
Continuing content is attention to magic and the occult with coverage of CRY OF THE BANSHEE and THE CRIMSON CULT, and work from Heinrich Kley and Mel Laybourn. Other interesting pieces are a bio of Rondo Hatten, Fantasy Film Music and the second part of an interview with WEIRD TALES author, Robert Bloch. In the "Headitorial" Beck continues his vindictive rant against President Nixon and his irrational glorification of dissent at any cost. Notwithstanding, a marvelous amalgam of Monsterology in this issue.


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