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A collection of items from the 1935 MGM feature, MARK OF THE VAMPIRE. Included are excerpts from the "campaign" book, a herald, a lobby card, photos and a one-sheet poster from a 1972 re-release.

Bela Lugosi in Mark of the Vampire Publicity Still by Clarence Sinclair Bull (MGM, 1935). Still (8" X 10"). Vintage black and white, double weight, satin finish still. He may look like a vampire but he's not -- in this classic Tod Browning thriller (a remake of the famous "lost" film London After Midnight), Lugosi plays an actor who pretends to be a bloodsucker. The pretty-gory-for-the-era bullet hole in his right temple is clearly visible in this fantastic still from the film. The photo has Bull's credit stamp clearly on the verso. The small crease in the top right corner doesn't keep this still from being a rare treat for Lugosi or vintage horror fans. This is one we have never seen before and perhaps never will again! Near Mint. 

Mark of the Vampire (MGM, 1935). Lobby Card (11" X 14").
Although Lionel Barrymore receives top billing, there's no doubt that the real draw of this film was - and still is - Bela Lugosi, in this sound remake of director Tod Browning's legendary silent film, London After Midnight (1927). In this version, Lugosi plays Count Mora, a vampire who, along with his daughter Luna (Carroll Borland), is terrorizing a small European village. Although many fans object to the ending - in which the vampires are revealed to be actors hired to help flush out a murderer - others see it as a sharp satire on the then-current conventions of horror movies. Whatever your feelings on the ending, there's no denying that this is a particularly attractive card, featuring both Borland and Lugosi. Paper from this picture is exceedingly rare, making this a significant opportunity for collectors of vintage horror memorabilia. It had staple holes in the left and right borders, a pinhole in the top border, a very small chip in the bottom left corner, a small tear in the top left corner, and a small chip in the bottom border, but expert professional restoration has rendered these minor flaws virtually invisible. We've only offered a handful of pieces from the original release of this picture, so don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to add this blood-sucking beauty to your collection! Fine/Very Fine. 

Mark of the Vampire (MGM, 1935). Herald (7" X 11"). Director Tod Browning ("Dracula") directed Bela Lugosi and the young Carroll Borland in this classic MGM horror film. All posters for this title are exceedingly rare. This rare herald from the 1935 vampire feature is in terrific condition. The all-star cast is pictured prominently. Near Mint. 

Mark of the Vampire (MGM, 1935). Photos (2) (8" X 10"). Horror.
This is a vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy publicity photo from 1935 used in the campaign for Mark of the Vampire. It's a quite unique photograph, with Bela Lugosi and co-star Elizabeth Allan displaying the "Bela Lugosi Trophy" for the Los Angeles Soccer League winner. Lugosi was the first honorary president of the Los Angeles Soccer League and sponsored a Hungarian football club under the soccer league banner. Mark of the Vampire 'starred Bela Lugosi, Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allan, Lionel Atwill, Jean Hersholt, Henry Wadsworth, Donald Meek, Ivan F. Simpson, Franklyn Ardell, Leila Bennett, June Gittelson, Carroll Borland, Holmes Herbert, Michael Visaroff. Directed by Tod Browning. Included in this lot is a R-1972 photo for Mark of the Vampire. Unrestored photos with bright color and a clean overall appearance. They may have general signs of use, such as slight edge wear. Please see full-color, enlargeable image below for more details. Very Fine. 

Bela Lugosi Signed Photo Inscribed to Evan Hoskins, Dated 1935. A strikingly brooding 8" x 10" study of Bela Lugosi, in profile, hands clenched, gaze turbulent, signed in fountain ink "To Evan Hoskins in remembrance Bela Lugosi Nov. 1935." This was the apex of Lugosi's popularity; in 1935, he had starred in such classic melodramas as Mark of the Vampire and The Raven, traveled to England for Mystery of Marie Celeste and, at the time he signed this picture, had just completed Universal's The Invisible Ray with Boris Karloff. Hoskins was a Hollywood publicist whose work on Bela's behalf later included arranging the famous "hypnosis stunt" for Black Friday (1940), when Lugosi pretended to be hypnotized while performing his death scene. In Excellent condition. From the Marian Marsh Archives. Accompanied by LOA from PSA/DNA. 


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