Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Vol. 1 No. 3
April 1962
Spacemen, Inc.
Editor: Forrest J Ackerman
Cover artist: Basil Gogos
Pages: 68

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND regular cover artist Basil Gogos tries his hand at an image for the cover of Warren's SPACEMEN #3 (April 1962). Admittedly, not up to his usual quality, this "Moon Man" is still quite a site.

Included in this issue are a number of very nice stills (probably from the editor's huge and ever-growing collection) and articles on upcoming "Sci-fi" films, how astronauts train for space flight, the 15-chapter Columbia serial, THE LOST PLANET, and the German silent FRAU IM MOND (GIRL IN THE MOON). This particular "found" scan includes an autograph by Forrest J Ackerman that reads, "Spacial Wishes - FJA 2077", perhaps signed in 1977 for a fan.

BONUS: A full set of SPACEMEN magazine, including the annual edition, was sold for $175 at Live Auctioneers in September, 2015.

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