Friday, August 12, 2016


Last Gasp Eco-Funnies
Cover: Spain Rodriguez
36 pages

This issue marks the first appearance of Dave Sheridan's "Leather Nun", a typical poke at the Establishment that was a hallmark of the underground comix scene. Jaxon's "Testicles the Tautologist", a "Synical  Saga of Sword and Sophistry by Sir Claude Balls" is another example of perverse parody, this time using outright swipes from Frank Frazetta and Barry Smith's Conan the Barbarian character. Also included here is an early Rich Corben (a.k.a. "Gore") story showing his recognizable style and typical E.C.-esque story elements of the time, which were usually accompanied by a voluptuous beauty.


Dr. Theda said...

We do enjoy Horror Comics (this one was a bit "odd")... and the story "Horrible Harvey's House"... looked a Lot like Richard Corben's style of art..
A great weekend to you and yours, good Sir..

John said...

"Odd", indeed! The story here was Corben's 5th comic strip ever published. When he worked for the undergrounds, he early on signed his work "Gore", which is the name listed on the title page of SKULL #3. This issue was published in 1971, the same year he went "mainstream" and began his work with Warren. One of my favorite comic artists!


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