Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Morris "Moe" Marcus is one of the many unsung post-World War II comic book artists. He attended Burne Hogarth's Cartoonists and Illustrator's School with the likes of Wally Wood. A group of these gifted artists, along with a young Marie Severin, would spend a few hours at a watering hole on 89th and Amsterdam Avenue, then go to Marcus' large apartment that had been left for him to live in by his parents when they moved out of town. Here everyone would talk art and hone their skills.

One of Marcus' gigs was working for Harvey Comics where he drew stories for WITCHES TALES and CHAMBER OF CHILLS.

Here is the nicely done original art for a story that he did for WITCHES TALES #13 (August 1952) called "The Torture Jar". It is the tale of a hapless spelunker who stumbles upon the "life eating" creature known as the "Bzark" (!).


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