Tuesday, August 9, 2016


"You've seen it before, you know its face
But back again it comes to get its taste.
The same Cavendish blend you love to fear,
Now with four new designs to make it clear:
The Curse of Mixture Monster is upon us all,
Haunting the land once again this fall."

Cornell & Diehl continues their Halloween-themed special-edition blend with MMIII: Curse of Mixture Monster. A witch's brew of rich black and light Cavendish and eye of newt, sweetened with aromas of appropriate treats — chocolate, caramel, and apples.

This delicious blend is available in four different ghoulish tin-art designs. This "The Devil Doll" design is 4 of 4. Act now while the very limited supply lasts!

C&D's MMIII: Curse of Mixture Monster
Now Available at Smokingpipes.com

After finishing one last bowl of Mixture Monster II, you sit back in your chair with a sigh. Your mind wanders, even as the last lingering wisps of smoke emanate from the pipe at your side table. Darkness encroaches, and you hear a low rumble in the distance. Behind you, the creak of footsteps. You turn, almost half out of your chair at this point, only to realize you've rounded upon what appears to be... nothing.

Settling back in, just as the shock of fright slowly fades the very firm grip of a heavy, thick hand lands upon your shoulder....

MMIII: Curse of Mixture Monster, the third installment of Cornell & Diehl's ghastly Mixture Monster saga, takes place one year after the events of MMII: The Return of Mixture Monster — featuring the same rich, autumnal aromatic blend that had you on the edge of your seat in years past, only this time with four new, terrifying tin art designs.

This featured mixture weaves a spine-chilling tale, beginning one dark night in a remote corner of the C&D warehouse when a lone barrel marked "DO NOT OPEN" suffered a mysterious bursting of its staves — setting loose four new horrors upon the world. The Devil Doll, The Hound, The Vampyra, and The Stalker now wreak havoc across the globe. The only way to stop the fiendish horde? With fire and a faithful pipe.

Will good triumph once again over evil? Or will the Curse of Mixture Monster spread and fuel the demons' malicious frenzy? The fate of the world rests in your hands... Will you vanquish but one of these villains? Or can you take up your briar against all four? The choice is yours...

A WORD ABOUT CORNELL & DIEHL: Since 1990, Cornell and Diehl has been producing high quality pipe tobacco, expertly blended by hand, using time honored methods, unique recipes, and no small amount of innovation. In the early years, Craig, Patty, and Chris Tarler of C&D focused on English blends rather than the "over-the-counter" American Virginia- and Burley-based tobaccos of the era. Today, head blender Jeremy Reeves keeps that tradition alive. From classic blends to mixtures that employ innovative processes like Cornell & Diehl's Red Virginia Cavendish, you won't have to search for long to find a handcrafted, lifetime favorite. 

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