Monday, March 16, 2015


NO. 1, April 1975
Mayfair Publications
Editor: Tony Tallarico (?)

Issuing forth from the same presses as the copyright-infringing MONSTER WORLD and QUASIMODO'S MONSTER MAGAZINE, MONSTER FANTASY, was an apparent mid-1970's attempt at stealing some of the mojo from Marvel's superior line of monster magazines. It's success was nominal, but at least we have another in a long line of monster 'zines (and 100 pages at that) offering just a little something different than the other.

This, the first issue, published in April 1975, has no staff credits, but it is assumed that the editor was Tony Tallarico, the same person listed as the editor of the other Mayfair publications. Mr. Tallarico (b. 1933) is a comics artist and children's book illustrator that has been in the business for years. Besides his work for Warren Publications under the name of Tony Williamsune, he might be best remembered to monster fans for his book of terror tales for young readers entitled, "Monsters". He is also known as the creator of the first African-American superhero, Lobo, who appeared in December 1965 in a Dell Comics title of the same name. Take that, Stan Lee!

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