Sunday, October 20, 2013


Sure, you can buy any number of spiders, large or small, funny or frightening, in any store selling Halloween goodies right now. The infamous -- and infinitely scary -- motion-activated Jumping Spider now being sold at your local Spirit Halloween store is a prime example. But, have you ever thought of making your own?

If we were to jump in the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD Way-Back Machine, and land sometime during the Winter of 1972, we would find a certain fan magazine called CINEMAGIC  that had just published its first issue. Don Dohler (b. 1946 - d. 2006), one of the original Monster Kids who went on to make professional low-budget monster movies like NIGHTBEAST and THE GALAXY INVADER, edited this magazine that covered the art of amateur imagi-movie making. Many articles were how-to's. This one shows you how to -- in detail -- make your own spider . . . any size you want!

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