Friday, October 4, 2013


Any red-blooded male, or, for that matter, any monster who craves red blood, does not need MAXIM magazine's content explained to them. Loaded with high-octane testosterone, pages virtually ripple with muscular male-infused imagery on nearly every page . . . and the girls stop just short from baring it all -- which only further proves the axiom that it makes them even sexier.

Once in a while, MAXIM will come up with something of interest for monster fans, usually around Halloween. Take their October issue, for instance. We have already seen in an earlier MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD post a spicy pictorial from the same issue of Lauren Cohan from the hit series, THE WALKING DEAD. Also in this issue, another woman, Stephanie Radman, writes about the 30 scariest horror films in the article, The Maxim Horror Movie Awards. The earliest film selected is 1972's Wes Craven gut-wrencher, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. The balance are mostly from the 90's through the New Millennium. But, Miss Radman promises that these 30 are the "scariest, freakiest, most effed-up flicks ever made"! I actually agreed with most of her picks. And the writing is lively and humorous. Well done, Stephanie!

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