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Go figure! Monster toys are still hot, and I suspect in large part it's because Monster Kids of the Baby Boomer generation continue to spend at least part of their disposal income on their memories. That doesn't account, however, for the younger fans who know a classic monster when they see one.

That leaves just one more group -- the collectors. And while the first two groups have "monster collection" in mind, it's the last that scoop up these "limited editions" just for the sake of market speculation and future sale (at 2-3 times the original price) on auction sites such as eBay. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it nevertheless makes it hard to judge the difference between an item's true popularity and rogue capitalism. That an item is limited and is rarely reissued makes it even tougher to tell what kind of sell-through a so-called monster collectible really has.

In the meantime, in about a month you can scoop up these collectible monster figures at places like Monsters In Motion for about $110 each.

House on Haunted Hill 12" Custom Figure (Color Version) - Frederick Loren

Eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren decides to hold a "Haunted House" party for his wife Annabelle. He rents the House on Haunted Hill and invites 5 guests, who will each earn ten thousand dollars if they can stay the night in this house of terror. With the house locked down, and with no chance of escape, will they survive the night or will they be scared to death in the House on Haunted Hill...? NOTE: There's a black and white version of this figure, too.

Count Yorga, Vampire 12" Custom Fan Art Figure

Count Yorga, a vampire of unusual power brings his ancient curse to 1970's California. The centuries old Deathmaster has come to share his hunger for human flesh, to drink his fill of human blood and to fulfill his evil lusts that even hell cannot satisfy! Beware the eyes that hypnotize! Beware..... Count Yorga, Vampire!
Item Specifics
Stands 12 inches tall
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Custom Pro Print Box
Likeness by Steve Thompson

Tales From The Crypt Arthur Grymsdyke 12" Collector's Figure

In 1972 Roy Ashton was commissioned to work on Amicus' anthology film 'Tales From The Crypt'. For the segment entitled 'Poetic Justice', Roy turned Peter Cushing from a kindhearted pensioner, Arthur Grimsdyke, into an undead Zombie who rises from the grave to wreak his ghostly revenge on the person who wronged him.

Item Specifics
Approx 12" tall
Custom Pro Print Box
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Likeness by Steve Thompson

Torn out heart (not shown)
Authorized by the Roy Ashton Estate

The Reptile 1/6 Scale Collector's Figure

In 1966 Hammer Films wanted to create a new look in horror films. They turned to master make up artist Roy Ashton tdesign The Reptile, a part woman, part venemous snake creature, who would terrify the Cornish countryside. Ashton meticulously studied the anatomy of snakes and even made molds from a Boa Constrictor to achieve realism on the screen.The result turned the lovely Jaqueline Pearce into The Reptile, one of the most iconic of movie monsters. Authorized by the Roy Ashton Estate.

Norman Bates - Psycho 12" Custom Figure:

The picture you must see from the beginning...or not at all!....For no one will be seated after the start of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest shocker Psycho

Item Specifics
• Approx 12 Inches Tall
• Custom Handmade Clothing
• Custom Design Pro-Print Box
• Scale Kitchen Knife
• Mothers Wig
• Mothers Dress
• Sculpted by Rudy Garcia

Evil Of Frankenstein 12 Inch Figure Hammer Films:

The Evil of Frankenstein is a 1964 British horror film made by Hammer Studio. Directed by Freddie Francis, the film stars Peter Cushing and New Zealand wrestler Kiwi Kingston.

The film's version of the Monster is noted for resembling Universal Pictures' famous Frankenstein series of the 1930s and '40s, including the flat-headed look of Jack Pierce's monster make-up originally designed for Boris Karloff as well as the distinctive laboratory sets. Earlier Hammer Frankenstein movies had studiously avoided such similarities for copyright reasons but a new movie distribution deal with Universal helped provide some latitude.

Comes in window color graphic box. Articulating parts, realistic clothing, hand painted, Limited edition.

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Dr. Theda said...

The "Gimsdyke" and "Reptile" figures are Great....!!!
these thing are way out of our "price-range" these days good Sir ... But we do love looking at them anyway... Great Post .... the Doctor


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