Monday, August 26, 2013


Readers of Jim Clatterbaugh's award-winning magazine, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT already know that this is one classic monster resource that we would have a hard time living without. Those that have missed some or all of the early issues (including me) need not fret, as Jim has come up with the great idea of releasing the first 10 issues as PDF files on one DVD.

Most of these issues are long out of print and usually demand high collector's prices. At a mere $25.00 (postage included) that makes each issue in this collection only $2.50 apiece! What makes it even easier is you can purchase with a credit card or PayPal.

MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT is an indispensable guide to the history of vintage monsters and it has always received MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S highest recommendation. Now, we can catch up on issues that we have missed. Jim has also announced that he will be issuing two more DVD's that will bring us to the present. What are you waiting for? Shamble on over to MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT and order your DVD now!

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