Thursday, August 22, 2013


Here's another batch of monsters figures available for preorder at Monsters In Motion that are due to hit the shelves in about another month. A veritable monster parade!

Dracula Prince of Darkness 12.5” LIMITED Collectible Figure

Dracula...the Dark Prince of all that is evil. A Demonic creature so feared that he terrifies and destroys all those whom he touches. By day he sleeps in the dark hidden crypts of his ruined castle, by night he rises, inflicting his evil upon the innocent, quenching his insatiable thirst for human blood. Those who oppose his reign of terror and try to destroy him fail and become his victims. Who can stop this indestructible fiend...the immortal Count Dracula?

Item Specific
New taller body
Stands 12.5 inches tall
Two Interchangeable heads
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Custom Pro Print Box
Likeness by Steve Thompson
Very Limited

Peter Cushing, Doctor Baron Victor Von Frankenstein Bust:

The Hammer Horror collectibles line from Titan Merchandise continues with the latest limited edition release, Doctor Frankenstein! Memorably portrayed by legendary actor Peter Cushing, Doctor Baron Victor von Frankenstein's experiments into the nature of life created a monster in The Curse of Frankenstein. Every detail of Baron Frankenstein's sociopathy is captured in this astonishingly-detailed three-quarter length sculpt.

Mummy Christopher Lee 12 Inch Figure Hammer Films:

This is a fully articulated 1/6 scale figure in a full color window box from the film. It has a wonderful likeness of Christopher Lee as the monster in the film. Limited supply so order now.

Plague of the Zombies 12 Inch Collectible Figure:

The Plague of the Zombies (1966) Hammer Horror film directed by John Gilling. It stars André Morell, John Carson, Jacqueline Pearce, Brook Williams and Michael Ripper. The film is notable for its seminal imagery, which influenced many films in the zombie genre, and its themes of colonialism, exploitation and tyranny. 

Add this 12" collectible figure to your Hammer horror collection. The Zombie features a hand made sack like clothing, cloth wrapped feet and now trademark retro style window box. The body can be posed and articulated.

Phantom Of The Opera Herbert Lom 12 Inch Collectible Figure:

Newest Hammer figure. The box will say Roy Ashton collection as they are licensed thru his estate. Nice likeness of Herbert Lom.  12 inch articulated figure. Window display box.  Removable mask.

The Thing From Another World 12 Inch Figure:

Extremely limited hand made collectors 12 inch figure from Asia.  Features articulating figure, hand painted head and hands and custom made clothing.
Full color graphic window box.

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