Friday, October 12, 2012


My translator says the title of this article in the October issue of the Latvian edition of FHM (For Him Magazine) is "Good Vampires = Dead Vampires". The Vampire legend has been alive and well in Europe for centuries, so an article such as this should be seen as no surprise.

From its appearance, it looks to be quite a piece on the history of vampires with a focus on how to effectively dispatch them. The two-page spread shows a photo and description of "Vampiru Mednieka Komplekts" or Vampire Hunter's Kit, complete with mirror, garlic, stake, and a New Testament and Psalms.

This issue of FHM Latvia is made even more intriguing by the addition of a seduction of another sort -- a pictorial of horror hottie "Kristas Kambelas", a.k.a. in English, Christa Campbell, vamping it up. If you care to see more of Christa with a bit less, then check back here at midnight tonight . . .

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