Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There are nearly 1,000 SPIRIT HALLOWEEN stores in the U.S., so there's probably a store not far from you if you live in a metropolitan area. Along with HALLOWEEN CITY, these two stores make up for a giant slice of business during the Halloween season.

This year a big feature at SPIRIT is -- can you guess? -- zombies, and in particular a huge line of "Zombie Babies". They may be repulsive and far from cuddly (depending on your tastes, of course), but they have a strange attraction, sort of like driving by a car accident.

My local store has a section devoted entirely to Zombie Babies. Dubbed "Spirit Valley Farms", the display has at least 50 different terrifying tots to choose from.

Another line of products that seems to be getting more technologically advanced are animatronics. Over the last couple of years prices have dropped on these items, making a more professional house of horrors at your domicile a lot more affordable.

And what Halloween store would be complete without a barn of werewolves?

Well, there you have it. Until next Halloween, keep in the "spirit" and stay spooky!

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