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I must admit I was behind the curve and just got around to ordering a copy of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES #1. What I wasn't expecting was the hunt to try and find one for sale. It had mysteriously disappeared from the publishers home site, but I finally tracked one down from Dennis Druktenis Mail Order -- you know, the guy who publishes that great monster fan 'zine, SCARY MONSTERS.

After taking a look at the HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES blog, I found a post that explained a little as to what exactly is going on.

So, co-creators Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo are living the "Horror Geek Lifestyle". The creative team came up with a great and eclectic tribute to our favorite hosts of the horror kind in the form of a print magazine. The first issue was released some months ago. Issue #2 was in development when a few things happened that has derailed its production.

According to the post, the reason for the delay (and the eerie disappearance of Issue #1) is explained in an abbreviated version here:

First, editor Dellamorto and publisher Lobo "knew from the beginning that there may be some difficulties, which is why [they] decided not to take subscriptions."

In addition, Mr. Lobo is busy with filming 26 episodes of his syndicated TV show, CINEMA INSOMNIA.

Also, "the magazine is a zero budget project. As you know, print is an expensive and difficult medium in these times. Horror Hosts are hit harder than most by the recession and ad sales for issue #2 are less than a third of what we were able to get for the first issue."

Perhaps most perplexing is this statement: "We had a run in with NBC/Universal who currently is fierce in their protection of THE MUNSTERS … even when it makes no sense. We were within our rights and obtained permission for all of the materials in the magazine, however we were asked to stop selling the magazine in some venues – which gives us concern for future issues." Does that make my copy a renegade?

Next comes something that never ceases to amaze me in this day of unstable computers and software: "Computer viruses in Dixie’s email left her without many of her contacts. A virus on her computer destroyed a good portion of our files for the second issue, meaning that we had to start over. With limited time and resources, this was devastating."

Full art for the cover of Issue #2 designed by
Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo
And finally, by the time they were done with the Elvira material, a lot happened with her, so they want fresh and current info.

They conclude with a ray of hope for us monster 'zine lovers: "All of these setbacks make this a heartbreaking affair which has made it difficult to continue working on but we are determined to put another issue out as soon as possible without compromising the quality. Horror Hosts and Creature Features may be more of a special annual or semi-annual collectors item, rather than a true monthly magazine, which we originally intended it to be. We are working on an online version of Horror Hosts and Creature Features so that we can report regularly and share with you all of the great content and original artwork that made us so proud of the first issue. We do not take you for granted and we thank all of the fans, supporters, contributors and advertisers deeply from the bottom of our blood belching hearts!

I don't want to fail to mention here one more thing -- Dennis Druktenis' Mail Order is the Epitome of Evil (hey, waitaminnit, that was Seymour's shtick!) -- er, the epitome of mail order customer service. The guy ships super fast and the package arrived in packaging so stiff I don't think our Neanderthal of a postman could have bent it to get it in our mail box if he tried. It even came with a couple of scary goodies. Mr. D is a true monster fan.

So, everyone let out your collective breath and let's hope that Issue #2 of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES comes our way soon!

The terrifying "Bat Girl" from the HORROR HOSTS AND

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