Friday, April 13, 2012


"It is the mark of the evil one! We are lost! But the white woman will be mine before I die!"

In my never-ending search for the weird, the bizarre, the unexplained, I end up in some of the strangest places. Granted, what I come up with sometimes may not be monster magazine material that is pure in heart, but you can be guaranteed it will always be curious, if not, downright entertaining.

Today's post is one of those odd finds that I felt compelled to share. The topic is on the borderlands of pop culture artifact and politcally correct propriety. Consider it then, the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD version of a "paranormal romance" story. And, believe me, this story is anything but normal. For instance, check out the author's name and you'll know what I mean.

Enjoy, but please keep your jaw in place and hold back on the laughing.

"Lisa was a gorgeous woman with full breasts and red full lips, and though she acted as if she was colder than ice caps on the mountain, I knew she had her eye on me."

"From where we were clinging, we could see the grey matter ooze out of his skull and form a pool of crimson blood on the white snow."


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ralph60 said...

I enjoyed, Abominable Snow-Woman. while reading this story, it made me think of the Jerry Warren 1955 film, Man Beast. I kept expecting a similar subject as the film. but I did enjoy this stroy immensely.


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