Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It seems like there are a number of other bloggers out there with the same issues, but the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD BlogSpot has been experiencing some technical difficulties in the last few days.

The worst of it is the Google Blogger scheduling function. When a blog is completed and scheduled for posting later, it does not do what it is supposed to, which is post the blog at the specified date and time.

Other, no less vexing issues have cropped up of late, I suspect due to another tiresome "upgrade" of the Blogger interface. A look at some trouble report forums for Word Press yielded similar angst from loyal users who just want to follow the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" maxim.

Fortunately, the posting editor has not been freezing up while writing this, because earlier this evening, it was.

All this has forced me to rethink the stability of this giant electronic Frankenstein monster that we have, for the most part, unknowingly created. I'm wondering if delivering a regular HTML-formatted electronic newsletter mailed to a subscriber audience may not be a viable alternative?

In any event, if you see some weird things here (besides the usual that you have come to expect, that is), and the postings seem a bit off, etc., then don't blame me. Google is off busily trying to make the biggest online file folder in the universe, so it probably wouldn't pay to nudge the bear, either. Guess I'll wait it out . . .

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