Wednesday, November 30, 2011


CINEMA RETRO magazine specializes in covering only movies from the 60s and 70s. Since this was a rich period of filmmaking around the world, there is no shortage of material from which to draw.

I have described CR as a sort of "hybrid" monster magazine because, while it generally includes monster movies from its specialized era in each issue, it also covers other genre films, such as spy, western, etc. The mag has a real international feel to it and that makes it unique among other film magazines currently available.

Co-publishers Dave Worrall and Lee Pfeiffer recently sent out a notice announcing the start of their eighth year of publishing, or, as they so charmingly put it, "8th season".

Here are excerpts from the newsletter:

"As we enter our 8th year of publishing, we'd like to thank each of our loyal readers for helping us keep the dream alive. It's not easy maintaining a magazine in the age of the internet, but we continue to thrive thanks to our many readers throughout the world. A very special thanks to those of you who subscribe to Cinema Retro. Frankly, there is no greater way of helping us out (unless you have a few million bucks laying around that you'd like to donate). Every subscription goes a long way to ensuring that we'll be able to maintain the high standards you've come to expect- with a minimum amount of advertising. We've also been able to maintain our pricing without a single increase in eight years, despite soaring costs for printing and mailing.

Every issue will continue to be a limited edition collector's item. In fact with the closing of Borders stores in the USA, readers have even more reason to subscribe. Not only does this limit the number of venues you can buy Cinema Retro from, but we've also adjusted our print runs accordingly, meaning that every issue is more limited than ever since we are no longer supplying Borders.So thanks to all our subscribers- especially those who have so promptly renewed their subscriptions! By doing so, you have ensured you won't have to pay the sky high prices that sold out issues of Cinema Retro have been commanding on eBay (up to $150 in some cases!)

There is plenty of excitement in store for season 8 of Cinema Retro beginning with our eye-popping cover girl for issue #22, Sybil Danning. As usual, this issue will be eclectic in terms of content: major examinations of Jack Cardiff's great adventure film Dark of the Sun (aka The Mercenaries) and special features on two Cinerama epics: Krakatoa, East of Java and Sir Christopher Frayling's magnificent study of the making of How the West Was Won. In the next twelve months, other major features will include John Boorman's Deliverance, the films of Elvis Presley, the history of movie comic book tie-ins and rare back lot photos from the James Bond films.

So get on board the Cinema Retro bandwagon and enjoy the most unique film magazine in the world- dedicated to the celebration of films from the 1960s and 1970s."

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