Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It would have been more fitting to have this released last year on the Bride's 75th Anniversary. As it is, the latest recalculated on-sale date is December 23 of this year -- a strange date for anything like this to be released.

What I'm talking about is the MOEBIUS MODELS version of the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN two-figure plastic model kit scene with the Frankenstein monster. Sculpted by Jeff Yagher, this kit is sure to be a nice compliment to the recently-released Bela Lugosi DRACULA figure. The kit will retail for $39.95.


Doug Brown said...

Do you know the base color of the plastic in these models? I could never paint a model to look like the one in the photo.

John said...

Hey, Doug! Steve over at Cult Tv Man says the kits are still in development and that there hasn't been a decision on that yet. Incidentally, check out the CultTVMan Hobby Shop link on the sidebar for an excellent supply of figure kits, accessories, and lotsa news and info.


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