Monday, November 14, 2011


Last week in this spot you read DOUG'S HALL OF FLAME story about a copy of Warren's one-shot, quasi-ash can title, HOUSE OF HORROR, landing on the block at Heritage Auctions.

Coincidentally, there is another copy available on eBay. This near mint copy is a straight, no-bids sale at a price of $400 US. Following is the seller's description, reprinted verbatim. I include it because it discusses a unique provenance.

Seller Michael and Forry Ackerman, taken presumably
at the time when the copy of HOUSE OF HORROR was signed by FJA.
Photograph is from the seller's eBay profile page.

"This is the second copy I am selling. If your A Famous Monster fan/collector, you are familiar with this book, and the history of it. There were only 400 copies printed. If you have read the latest monster price guide (years old), you know one lucky fan bought ten copies. Over the years I believe there is someone else who also bought ten copies. I am, one of them. Mine were ordered from Captain Company, shipped mint. They were opened and immediately bagged and boarded by us. Only one was taken out by us. Taken to a Con in the early 80's and signed by "Forry", himself. I believe this to be one of the second finest copies you'll find, for a very reasonable asking price. If your a serious FM Collector, you know how valuable this is to complete a warren collection.

You are bidding on a 32 year old copy of House Of Horror #1, NM, by Warren. a one shot. This copy has some scuffing back cover along spine. Very tiny chip bottom of spine, can be seen on scan of back cover. Way it acame from Captain Company many, many, years ago. No disappointments here. Otherwise, a clean, solid, collectible book."

The accompanying photos are from the eBay seller's page and are unretouched. Interested parties should use the search term "House of Horror" at the eBay main page.

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