Friday, December 3, 2021


A most unusual, and I dare say, creepy set of images here from PHOTOSHOOT magazine (April, 2020). The photos are by Rick Jones and the model is popularly known as "Pure Horror". Mr. Jones is a part of the folks who run the website, "Horrify Me", and indeed they do. Located in Kent, UK, the studio will transform you (for a fee) into any monster or creature that you like and then provide a photo session. Some very imaginative makeup and nicely lit photography.

Visit Horrify Me online HERE.


Deep Thought of the Day: Moses was the first person with a tablet to download data from the cloud.

Thursday, December 2, 2021


Vol. 1 No. 5
March 29, 1972
The Monster Times Publishing Company, Inc.
Publishers: Larry Brill; Les Waldstein
Editor: Chuck R. McNaughten
Managing editor: Joe Brancatelli
Copy editor: Joe Kane
Cover: Illustration from the Creature From the Black Lagoon Pressbook
Pages: 32
Cover price: 50 cents

A special Creature issue this time around with an article on his life on times written as an autobiography! Joe Kubert is interviewed about his work on Tarzan for DC Comics, the series of atomic monsters, Corman's Poe films and Jeff Jones' comic story continues, and there's a feature on Humphrey Bogart's only horror movie, THE RETURN OF DR. X.

Joe Brancatelli assumes the managing editorship and bumps Joe Kane down to copy editor. Brancatelli is well-known in the comic book business for his column in the Warren Magazines and for his own, newsprint publication, INSIDE COMICS. Special note should be made of this issue's poster (shown above) by Tim Johnson, a 17 year-old monster lover and comic collector. Nice work!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Like the Energizer Bunny, the Universal Monsters parade just keeps on going. This collection from TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS is the best I've seen since the mini-busts that came with the Universal Monsters Legacy DVD box set released some years ago.

Each bust is sculpted by Alex Rey and retails for $24.95. Approximately 5.25" tall, they are cast in resin and beautifully painted.

Conspicuously absent is a bust of Dracula. The Lugosi Estate must charge an arm and a set of fangs to license Lugosi's likeness.