Tuesday, September 26, 2023


No. 3
July-August 1981
Cinema Enterprises
Publisher: Don and Pam Dohler
Editor: Don Dohler
Cover: Photo Cover
Pages: 32
Cover price: $2.50

Don Dohler (1946-2006) was a low-budget horror and sci-fi filmmaker who gave us films such as FIEND (1980), NIGHTBEAST (1982) and GALAXY INVADER (1985). When he was 15, he started his own humor magazine, WILD, inspired by MAD magazine. He created a character influenced by MAD's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman by the name of Pro Junior. Pro Junior was drawn by contributors such as Jay Lynch, Art Spiegelman, and Skip Williamson, all future underground cartoonists. In fact, Pro Junior was published in his own underground comic a few years later after Jay Lynch invited 22 artists to contribute to a special issue featuring Pro Junior for Kitchen Sink Press.

Since he was already in the business and creating his own animation, monster makeups and special effects, Dohler got the idea to publish a magazine for genre filmmakers. AMAZING CINEMA premiered in May 1981 and it was published until he sold it to the Starlog Group.

Dohler wrote two books in 1979-1980: Film Magic: The Fantastic Guide to Special Effects Filmmaking (Cinema Enterprises, 1979) and the two-volume Stop Motion Animation: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide (Cinema Enterprises, 1980).

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